Guesthouse Pri kolovratu (At The Spinning Wheel) is one of the oldest guesthouses of Ljubljana. The first archive record was made in 1836, under the name Zum Spinnradl. In the 19th century, its regular customers included the poet Fran Levstik, opera singer Josip Nolli, the first Slovenian mayor Peter Grasseli, judge Kuralt. However, it was at its most famous between the two world wars, when it was the main gathering point of the "Penati" (the most important people who works in the culture that time).

The founder of the company of Penati was the neuro-psychiatrist Alfred Šerko. Along with Šerko, the company also included the literates Oton Župančič, Igo Gruden, Pavel Golia, Ciril Kosmač, Fran Albreht, Juš Kozak, Ivan Prijatelj, professor of Slavic studies Matija Šmalc, biologist Pavel Grošelj, literature critic Josip Vidmar, Lili Novy, sometimes also Alma Karlin, historians of literature Avgust Pirjevec and Joža Glonar, painters Maksim Gaspari, Niko Pirnat, Božidar Jakac, composers Anton  Lajovic, Marjan Kozina, Slavko Osterc.

Guesthouse was also visited regularly by renowned architect Jože Plečnik.


Flooded with all possible (and impossible) names of restaurants in Ljubljana, especially in the old city centre, you can only be happy if someone decides to maintain the original name. Of course, it is not only the name as a brand of the restaurant, but also its cuisine, a selection of traditional Slovene dishes and drinks. This is the story of the revival of the old Ljubljana’s Gostilna Pri kolovratu, in which virtually every wall tells the story about the food and the people who were enjoying here, who were socializing, having fun, singing and much more. We are also excited with their selection of dishes, offering typical national dishes of Ljubljana and Slovenia. Considering the location of the restaurant, which is in the big flow of tourists who are attending, Ljubljana has got the restaurant with the traditional national cuisine, which is the most asked by each and every tourist. Therefore, Gostilna Pri kolovratu is a very important contributor to the Slovenian culinary visibility!

Prof. Janez Bogataj, PhD


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Gostilna Pri kolovratu

DAMO d.o.o., gostinstvo

Ciril Metodov trg 14, 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 (0)1 620 98 84

E-mail: info@kolovrat.si